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Our talented chefs and cold servers prepare various catering options for your party, work lunch or birthday party.

Sandwich cake

Choose between seafood or charcuterie


10-12 pieces: SEK 449

15 pieces: SEK 649

20 pieces: SEK 879


10-12 pieces: SEK 520

15 pieces: SEK 765

20 pieces: SEK 989

Fruit cake

10-12 pieces: SEK 320

15 pieces: SEK 465


incl. butter and bread

Chicken and feta cheese: SEK 120

Shrimp salad: SEK 129

Ham and cheese: SEK 115


Shrimp sandwich: SEK 169

Exotic Tray

Chicken, roast beef and ham, cheese, fruit, bread and potato salad: SEK 195/portion